Coffee Mornings.

Today I had a pleasant coffee morning with my new friends in The Community Café at Minehead Court. It reminded me of a similar day in Chertsey many years ago.

         I was invited to a coffee morning at St Peters Church by my friends Alex and Sheila Lees. We were all a bit deaf from working in the local factories from the noise that you always have in those places.

      On our table was Dennis Pacey, and Pat Gorley, they are both very deaf. Alex and I were listening to their conversation with increased anxiety, as they were talking about totally different subjects.

    Neither of us wanted to embarrass them by pointing this out, so we just let them carry on, but the conversation was getting deeper and deeper out of control, and I know Alex would soon start giggling—the conversation went something like this.

 “What do you and your missus get up to these days Pat”?

“Six normally, but we have a rest on Sunday”.

 “That’s alright for you young ones, we stopped all that sort of stuff years ago”.

 “On holiday though, she likes to rise early every day”.

“No wonder she always looks so happy Pat, don’t tell mine, otherwise she will get me down to the doctor’s tomorrow”.

 They paused for a few minutes, drinking their coffee, I looked over at Alex, I couldn’t quite catch his eye though, then Dennis said. 

“My old Rover keeps me busy as well, I’ve spent nearly a week fitting new brake pads”.

 “I know Dennis, that can be very painful for them, but it has to be done, what sort of dog is it by the way”?

  Alex suddenly stood up saying

 ”I need the loo”.

                         I quickly followed him.

Author: madeinchertsey

Born in 1932, this is a collection of stories of my childhood growing up in Chertsey, and some stories of my later life.

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