Chertsey Tales Part Thirty-three

Welcome back—if you are still with me, you are all amazing! 

I am finding it odd that I float from one place to another, but I suppose that’s what you do in a dream. I squat down under a pear tree so that I can see the boys scrumping and at the same time watch the drama unfolding in the Aspen tree above, fortunately no one can see me though.

 Bronwen, looking down her shoulder in disdain, shuffles along the branch to be as far away from her uncaring partner as she can be. He’s looking a bit sheepish…if that’s possible for a Raven, and so he should be! that was a horrid thing to say to his partner.

Now I hear Mrs Salmon again…what is she doing in my dreamland?

‘Alan, Alan,’ she says. 

‘Ahh, there he is Effie, he’s coming round; can you hear me love, can you hear me, now, now, let’s see if we keep him with us, it won’t do him any harm you know, to be knocked out for a minute or two.’ 

I feel water trickling down my face again, someone is gently squeezing something above my head, the water is lovely and cold, I look up, but with all the flashing lights behind, I can’t see who it is, but I just know it’s my mum.

‘Will he really be alright Rosy? Just look at his poor little face it’s so cut about with all that flying glass.’

I have never liked anyone giving me sympathy, it usually makes feel worse and I start crying, but his time I just feel myself fading, even the bright lights are dimming. I’m floating again, down Cowley Avenue behind the boys, they have their jerseys bulging full of apples. You would think they had stolen the Crown Jewels; they are running so fast.

We all pile into Mrs Wades garden, I hold my nose as I pass the pig styes, at least I still have my sense of smell, and then over Dummies stream into a small patch of land. The Ravens follow, and perch high in a tree. Bran has seen something about one of the boys that unsettles him, he feels he must keep his eye on this boy, he is a bit special. The boy feels an urge to look up into the tree, their eyes meet, the boy feels a tremor of recognition. 

That’s all that Bran needs, he gives Bronwen the wink…will he never learn he mustn’t do this? The two ravens swoop low over the boys and high into sky back to the Conspiracy of Ravens waiting in the Giant Redwoods of Stangarthes Hill.

There is a great flapping of wings as Bran imparts the news. A Cabinet is hurriedly gathered. The elders, with their grey streaked feathers have been waiting years for this day. This is no less important than the ‘Second coming’.

Of course, my mate Nutsun Bolton is completely unaware of this. 

Author: madeinchertsey

Born in 1932, this is a collection of stories of my childhood growing up in Chertsey, and some stories of my later life.

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