Iris’s funeral part two,

A few weeks ago, I posted a story about my sister Iris’ funeral and going to the wrong crematorium, It was a quite challenging day really, but this is only half the story. A lot of people would have been upset with such a thing like this. I suppose Wendy could see the funny side of it because she had never met Iris. So, here is the rest of the sorry tale.

We drive to the proper crematorium, and Wendy is in jolly mood, but I’m afraid this jollity was to be short lived, although we arrived at the next crem without any problem we had to park our car in the overflow carpark. Wendy has a sore hip, and it was a bit of a walk to the chapel. 

Just as we reached the entrance, all the family started coming out, we were just too late for the funeral. I tried not to look at Wendy, but I could strongly feel her look of disbelief.

At least she did meet a few of my family and she told them of my silly mistake, they didn’t seem at all surprised.

My niece Roz said.

‘It’s a family trait, and as we are having the wake only a few miles away in Cullompton, it would easier if you follow me.

We sat in our car until she drove past. She drove quite slowly so that we would not lose contact, I said to Wendy.

‘I don’t think she trusts me not to get lost but I’m glad she is taking us, it’s a bit of a journey’.

Roz is a nurse, and when she drove into the car park of a medical centre I followed and parked next to her. 

Wendy gave a big sigh of relief.

‘So far so good at last we have got somewhere without any problem.’  She said.

Then, to spoil the joy of the moment, instead of my lovely niece emerging from the little red car, it was this little old lady, she gave us such a withering look.

We started our journey back home, Wendy was very quiet, with just the occasional silent glance in my direction but as we approached Chichester she started laughing again, she said.

‘I can’t wait to tell everyone how we drove for more eight hours all the way down to Exeter and back again. To a funeral that we missed, and never even having a ham sandwich in a wake that we never found. Then we even got lost following some poor old lady in the depths of Devon. Alan, when we were married just a few months ago you never told me told me it would be as exciting as this.

I’m so glad that Wendy saw the funny side of it all.

Author: madeinchertsey

Born in 1932, this is a collection of stories of my childhood growing up in Chertsey, and some stories of my later life.

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