52. Greed

December 1944.. Another year is coming to an end, it will soon be Christmas, but it won’t be a merry one for some. The war is even more intense, in the south of England we have doodle bugs and an even more frightening bomb, the V2 rocket—one fell in Chertsey Meads but did little damage. On the wireless we hear about the war in the far east, it seems even more bloody than the war nearer home. The Japanese soldiers are willing to die rather than to give in. 

In the Picture Palace we see scenes of the concentration camps being freed, they are horrendous, how could an educated nation like Germany do such a thing. And now we hear of mass murder committed by the Soviet Union—our allies.

I’m home now and safe, but my stay at St Dominic’s changed my mind about a lot of things, or rather it was changed by the boy in the next bed. He read books, lots of them. I had never read a real book in my life! The boy had haemophilia and had plenty of time to read. He read part of a book to me that caught my interest and I carried on with it myself, I couldn’t put it down. 

The book was about a game played by creatures from another planet, who had control over the lives of the people living on earth. 

What fascinated me was how the game was so like the war that was happening around us. They used nations like children playing with toy soldiers, giving each nation the weapons to wipe out the others in an everlasting war. Or so it seemed to my simple mind.

The boy, whose name I can’t recall but whose words are stuck in my memory, may have been disabled but I now realise he was very intelligent, he told me this.

“Greed was the only weapon needed to create a war”.

I now look at every war that has happened and it nearly always fits, whether it is the greed for wealth, power or even the minds of people.

Today in 2021, I see the terrible events in Afghanistan on TV, all the expensive vehicles and guns, and I wonder who the greedy people are, that supplied them, knowing what they would be used for. Are they controlled by aliens or just plain greedy? 

Author: madeinchertsey

Born in 1932, this is a collection of stories of my childhood growing up in Chertsey, and some stories of my later life.

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