2020, That was the year, that was.

2020, That was the year, that was!

I suppose it all started to go wrong when I dropped my tiny new hearing aid down the toilet, and now I v’e got  an itchy ear, perhaps I should have rinsed it first but I panicked.  It still works though, just a bit squelchy.

Then the lock down came along and I couldn’t have the cataract in my left eye replaced, and now everything looks yellow through that eye.

My aorta valve replacement has been postponed again so I can’t do very much at all.

The other day I fell off a chair and hurt my knee and my son had to lift me up. 

Then I see the heroic NHS workers on the news, exhausted, worn down by this bloody virus, and there they are still working flat out.

It puts it all very much in perspective.

A morbid and depressing post I’m afraid but it’s being so cheerful that keeps me going.

Author: madeinchertsey

Born in 1932, this is a collection of stories of my childhood growing up in Chertsey, and some stories of my later life.

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