Chertsey Rec.

Chertsey ‘Rec.

St Anne’s Hill, Chertsey Bridge, what would all our Chertsey Facebook groups do without these two wonderful places. I always feel so lucky to have been able to enjoy their magic, from my earliest memory to the last time I visited them in 2019. But there another place. The Rec.

One of the most irritating things of growing old is the loss of recent memory, I forget my friend’s names and even what day it is. Fortunately, we oldies compensate this by remembering long forgotten days, they just come in-to our minds without any invitation. I recall my mother telling me of her childhood in the greatest of detail, I sometimes thought she must have made them up, how could anyone do this? I am now a similar age to my mother when she was telling me about her school days over seventy years before. And I find I can do the same, it’s nothing short of magic.

For instance, today on my way back from the hospital I saw a low wall around a Church. The wall was about two feet tall and made with black bricks, the top layer of bricks was rounded with railings on top. Instantly I was taken back to Chertsey recreation ground, or rather the wall along Sir William Perkins School next to the ‘rec. My sisters had taken to the park and had lifted me onto this wall so that I could walk along it, I must have been very small. 

Nothing very special about that of course, except that it is so fresh in my memory. The wall was black with the top layer made of rounded brick’s it also had several different heights meaning I had to lifted up several times as I walked along it, the last level was too high for them to lift me up. The wall has probably long gone but it’s still there somewhere in my mind.

At the hospital today, the Doctor asked when I was last seen by his team, and I couldn’t remember, he looked it up and told me it was last January. Such is life. 

Author: madeinchertsey

Born in 1932, this is a collection of stories of my childhood growing up in Chertsey, and some stories of my later life.

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