Today my son Iain.

Today, my son Iain, gave me a lovely compliment, he said.

‘Dad, you have a mind like a computer’.

I was so pleased, that at last someone had recognised my unique gift.

But my pleasure was rather short lived when he carried on by saying.

‘You can only think of one thing at a time, just like a computer but a bit slower’.

Actually, I didn’t want to say anything, but I knew this already, I have a one-track mind—not in a sexual way, I hasten to add, more like ‘Basic’

Most children think like this, my Grandson, Kian, is an expert in ‘basic’, every mealtime he will divide his dinner in small heaps. Then he would start his sub-routine.

Line 1. ‘if I eat that bit can I leave those two bits’

Line 2. ‘If I make the rest of the dinner look very small, can I have a ’Twizzle’’.

I have to admit that I can’t do two things at a time, my wife, Ann, always said.

‘Alan, you can’t walk and talk at the same time’.

Unfortunately, although she was joking—I think—now it is very true.

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