Just a few word’s.

I have always been aware of how a few words, repeated many times can have an effect out of all proportion to the actual meaning of the words.

If someone said ‘Get it done’ a few years ago, most people would say. ‘Get what done’. In 2019, some people still did not know what this slogan really meant. But this three-word slogan was like a ‘pin’ pricking a balloon of frustration, and we all know what happened next.

Not only did it release the frustration, but it also exposed the misleading promises, that were hidden within.

Then we had another balloon, this one was full of slogans that we all plainly understood; wash your hands, keep your distance, stay in-doors and so on.

But instead of using the ‘Get it done’ pin to flood our minds with the message inside, the balloon was let down slowly over a couple weeks, costing no-one knows how many more lives.

We can all make mistakes, but now to keep telling us that we have millions of pieces of medical kit, without telling us what this kit is—it could be just bandages—is misleading at best. 

Our Doctors are still telling us they don’t have enough person protection equipment. I know who I would rather believe.  

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