E book, madeinchertsey, I’m so lucky April 10th 2020.

I am so lucky, I am self-isolating in my new studio/bedroom, Iain and Amanda have made an amazing job of it: shower and proper loo, drinking water, garden doors and a nice bed.

I have all that I need to keep myself busy for the next four months, Amanda regularly passes some co-op Rich tea biscuits under the door—unfortunately chocolate digestives are just too thick to go under the gap.

We take distancing very seriously, we of course have our meals together, but when they go off to work, I like to do my bit by washing up and keeping the wood-burner going, everything really fits in very well.

If only all elderly people had something like this, perhaps one thing that may come out of this dreadful disease will be that our national conscience will be awakened.

Our country needs rebooting, in the same way that it was after the war, affordable house building, dedicated homes for our pensioners, free university places and so on.

 We were totally broke then, but it was still done, now we are the sixth richest country in the world, our old age pension is one of the lowest in Europe, we have actually increased the pension age of women by six years.

But one thing we are good at, we are world leaders in tax avoidance.

Something is very wrong, the catastrophic events of these last few weeks have shown that our country is not fit for purpose. 

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