E Book, madeinchertsey, When its all over, April 10th 2020.

A question that I often see on Facebook, is how are we all going to get back to normal after such an upheaval? A similar question was asked near the end of the war. 

During this time we were given slogans to help with the war effort: ‘Dig for victory’, ‘Careless talk costs lives’ and so on.

As a child, I liked listening to grown-ups, our kitchen was a hub for neighbours, with Mrs Salmon, sitting in the old green armchair as chairman—or woman.

Now as peace looked likely, a slogan that was very common was: ‘When it’s all over’, followed by a list of things that would have to change. 

It was all over my head of course, I was quite happy with my lot, but these ladies had plenty to say about their lot, they were not at all happy with it.

Spiv’s, and the black market that they used to enrich themselves were the main targets, and anything that was seen as unfair would never be put up with again, they said.

I wonder what they would think of what is happening today.

Our government is doing a lot to help workers and businesses to weather the storm, but we hear some firms are not playing fair.

A well-known Airline, asking its workers to take unpaid leave and at the same time asking for billions of pounds in a bail-out, while paying as little tax as they can get away with.

 And they are not alone, a lot of well-known firms are doing just the same. The spiv’s are still with us, and we all know who they are, perhaps we should not put up with it.

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