E Book, madeinchertsey, Russian roulette, April 10th 2020.

The dilemma of Russian roulette.

A ‘passport’ to prove that you have had the virus, and therefore have immunity from it, sounds a good idea. 

It means Nurses, Doctors and other vital workers can do their job without infecting others.

But here we have a worker, some-one who does not qualify for any financial help from the Government, perhaps he is one of the thousands on zero hours contracts, or in the ‘Gig’ economy, he is ‘let go’ and  has no income, and is told not to go out.

A certificate to prove he has had the virus and is therefore immune, would indeed be a ‘Passport’ to earn a living.  At the moment there is only one way to have immunity, that is by having survived the virus.

In his desperation to earn money to feed his family, our worker decides to go out and to try to get infected, with the hope it is ‘mild’ and then he would be eligible for a ‘passport’.

But this is worse than Russian roulette; when you put one bullet in a six-shooter revolver; put the gun to your head, spin the chamber, then pull the trigger, you have one in six chances that you will die, but no none else will be harmed.

On the other hand, our worker could be roaming the streets for days before being infected, at the same time spreading the virus around, possibly killing himself and others. 

The poor sometimes have to make very poor decisions.

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