Are humans a virus?

We are told planet Earth is a living thing, the rain forests are its lungs, the sun warms the seas to give us a climate for the abundance of life that animals can harvest in one way or another.

 For as long as there have been animals on Earth, they mostly just take what they need for life to continue, in fact this is essential, to keep equilibrium.

When we humans arrived, it was just the same, there was no point in taking more than we could eat.

But then we had something in our make-up that other animals did not possess. It is called Greed.

We condemn some humans for animal conduct, but animals rarely kill for pleasure, or take more than they need to survive.

Human history is one of reckless plundering of anything that our planet can provide. 

 When I am told that the 200 feet high white chalk cliffs of dover, are made of the tiny skeletons of sea creatures, I can’t imagine such a time.

Compared with this period of time, we humans have been on Earth for a wink of an eye.

And compared with that, the industrial revolution is just another wink of that eye, about 150 years.

During the life of our planet, there have been incredible natural disasters. But the planet has been able to spring back to life.

Then came industrialisation, we mined for coal, sunk wells for oil, scavenged our seas with what can only be described as a vacuum cleaner.

 In exchange, we dumped zillions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere, zillions of tons of plastic in our seas, we have burnt our rain forests, we have raped our beautiful planet.

It can take no more.

Is Covid-19. natures way of making a correction?

Author: madeinchertsey

Born in 1932, this is a collection of stories of my childhood growing up in Chertsey, and some stories of my later life.

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