September 17th 11:00 Throw us out your mouldy coppers.

September 17th11:00………..Throw us out your mouldy coppers.

 The other day while sorting my stuff out, when I moved to Manchester, I found a bag of old coins.

As I looked through them, I realise some are more valuable than they were originally, this is because of the silver content in shillings and florins etc, also a silver dollar and a Roman coin, all very exciting!

 There are lots of old copper coins as well, some looked very old and dirty, even mouldy.

And there was the trigger for my memory, ‘mouldy coppers’!

 Chertsey was a favourite short cut for coaches returning to London from the Ascot Races—we are talking about a time before the war.

All the kids knew when these coaches, full of either happy, lucky winners, or the unlucky ones, but most of them a bit tiddly.

The children would stand near the ‘Haunted House’—now a restaurant— at the top of Chelsey Green, where the coaches had to slow down and we would shout.

“Throw us out your mouldy coppers”

It was obviously a sort of tradition for both the regular Ascot race goers, and the Chertsey children, because they actually did throw lots of coppers out.

I had no chance of catching anything, of course, but I remember how exciting it was when we saw a coach coming down Thorpe Road, and all the kids, taking up the vantage points, and shouting so loud, it could be heard by the race goers before they turned the corner.

I wonder if anyone is still around that can remember this.

If you were lucky enough to catch a couple of pennies, it would be down to ‘Pipp’s for an ice cream, well worth the wait and good for a sore throat. 

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