September 14th 10:27 Forest Gump?

September 14th 10:27 Forest Gump?

In June !950. I joined the Royal Air Force.

 The day before, I met a young girl in Staines, she said she would write to me while I was away.

 To my surprise she did, not only that, but she sent me some rock cakes that she had made specially for me.

  Now, as I have said before, I have never been very good with girls, and this was something new to me, I had never received or written any letters before, let alone one to a girl.

So, as I have always done when I find myself in trouble, I resorted to humour, I wrote back and thanked her for the lovely cakes, and said, jokingly, that they were just like real rocks.

 I never heard from her again.

Such is the mystery of girls!

Fortunately, I was posted to Egypt, and never spoke to another girl for three years.

But even there, I seemed to be the odd one out, all the other blokes were getting lots of letters and food parcels, of Penquin biscuits, and such like, I had just a letter from my mother now and again, no biscuits, not even a Mars bar!

 Then, surprise! surprise! I had a large parcel from my sister Iris.

 As was usual when some lucky Airman had a parcel from home, we all gathered round to share the goodies.

 I tore open the neatly wrapped parcel to gasps of amazement, as a large packet of ‘OMO’ washing powder emerged.

As I have mentioned before, I never seemed to get on with girls, now the boys are shunning me! 

Forest Gump, eat your heart out!

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