August 23rd 15:30 Re-cycling.

August 23rd15:30…Re-cycling.

  Many years ago, re-cycling, would have been called ‘Make Do and Mend’.

Also, there was no such word as ‘Fly-Tipping’; there was nothing that a normal house-hold would want to throw away, we kept it, just in case it would come in useful one day.

  A tradesman, such as a carpenter or decorator, would take away all his surplus material, either back to his workshop, or to the local council-run dump, for a small charge.

  Now, dumps are very choosy about what they will take, they turn away tradesmen, who have to take the stuff to an expensive depot, miles away.

  A gap in the market appeared, a man and a van would roam the streets, and offer to take all your rubbish away for just a few pounds; problem solved, or rather moved, to a place like St Annes Hill, nice and quiet! 

   Fly-Tipping had arrived!

The five-pence charge on plastic bags is a huge success, that small charge has made us think twice about using one.

   Perhaps it would have been better to place that charge earlier in the manufacturing process.

  Ok, a cucumber will rot a few days earlier without a plastic rapper, but then it will be added to the kitchen compost bin instead of the house-hold rubbish, complete with its plastic overcoat.

  We all know it is hard to change our ways, but we have very little time before it all becomes unmanageable

  It’s all very well for me, a retired man with plenty of time on my hands, to do all these things.

  But, I know there are lots of busy people, who do find the time to sort their recycling, I am full of praise for them.  

  An easy way to start—which just needs a change to your shopping habits—is to encourage the return of the milk-man, he won’t come on his own, unless enough of us do it.

  Two plastic ‘bottles’ a day, produces over 700 of them a year per house-hold! I know they are recyclable, but only into more plastic, whereas, a glass bottle is collected by the milk-man and re-used again and again.

It also gives some-one the opportunity to start their own business.

  What’s not to like?

  By the way, we are lucky enough to have a milkman, he calls four times a week. 

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