August 22nd 10 pm The crime wave..

August 22rd 10 pm…The crime wave..

I see posts from our group complaining about the increasing level of bad behaviour in the Chertsey area, but I think, any town, the size of Chertsey, would certainly have some very nasty people living in it.

But, not so long ago, before the internet, the knowledge of their wrong doing was only known about by the people affected and their neighbours—in other words people living a mile away would probably never be aware of it.

Now with the blessing of our social media, the news of a stone thrown through a window, is instantly shared to thousands of people, thus creating an in image of a lawless town.

Of course, I am not condoning these anti-social idiots, I am just saying it has always happened, we just did not always know about it.

In the 1940’s, the little area surrounding Pyrcroft Road, provided Mrs. Salmon and my mother, with enough gossip to push a steam roller.

As a child I would listen, or rather watch, the two of them exchanging the latest scandal, it was never meant for my ears of course

When I say I watched them talking, I mean they would move their lips without uttering a sound; my brother Don called it ‘Gum talk’, we could easily read their lips after a while, so it was all quite pointless.

I found these stories very exciting, there was the man in Barker Road who had a gun, I don’t think he ever used it though, another, was of a young girl about sixteen, who had given birth to a little girl, apparently, the father could have been any one of her own family!

Then there was the ‘Black Market’ during the war, most things could be had if you could afford it.

I was once asked to deliver a suitcase full of Army blankets to a man in Staines Lane, I was paid a shilling! I suppose it made me a partner in crime—I was only eight!

So, rest content in your beds tonight, the chances of it happening to you has hardly changed—but just to be on the safe side, keep one eye and an ear open at all times.

Just saying.

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