August 21 st 16:00 Careful what you wish for, part two.

August 21st 16:00 Careful what you wish for part 2.

Since the referendum in 2016, I have, like many others, been literally forced into taking more interest in politics.

I have followed with disbelief, how our politicians, of every colour, twist and turn from one day to the next.

A year or two ago, we saw statements made by these people—who we trust with our nations wellbeing— promoting the only way forward is to go down this particular path to prosperity.

Now, some of them are saying the complete opposite.  

At eighty-seven, and reasonably with-it, you would think, wouldn’t you, that I would be able to understand what on earth they are up to.

I’m afraid it beats me!

Why would the Conservative party, risk losing the Union of our nation, and even the very party they belong to—let alone the Irish troubles returning—to take us into, what they freely admit, is a very uncertain future, for decades to come.

And why would the Labour party want to leave an organisation that has improved our worker’s rights, let alone our human rights? All now threatened by the same people who want us to work till we are seventy-five—in some areas of the UK, we will not reach that age.

Fortunately, there is a move afoot, that if the Politicians really want to find out what, we, the people want—now that we have been given the facts of what is in store for us.

 They will bury their differences and unite, it doesn’t matter who will be the temporary prime minister, just do it! 

And show us, for once, that you put the interests of this lovely United Kingdom, before any of your vested interests, what-ever colour they are.        

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