August 18th 23:00 Careful what you wish for.

August 18th23:00    Careful what you wish for.

        I am old enough to remember, the whisper going around town, of some bacon in ‘Denyers’, a local grocer, and of the queue of ladies, that quickly formed outside, hoping to have a few rashers, before Mr Denyer would say “That’s all folks, it’s all gone”.

Of course it will all be different when we leave the EU; the ladies will be sitting in their cars in a queue outside the overflowing ‘Tesco’ car park, now full of other shoppers sitting in cars, who have driven there from miles around, just because someone said there was some bacon in stock.

That all depends, of course, on whether they were able to find some petrol to drive there in the first place.

OK, that’s a bit fanciful. It wouldn’t be like this……………..would it?

 The truth is no one knows!

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