August 17th 2019, 01:30….If I was a rich man.

August 17th2019, 01:30…..If I was a rich man.

I have found, the quickest way of losing a friend, is to paint their portrait.

Another good way is to discuss politics.

But, in todays world it is impossible to avoid.

The thing is—and it is only my opinion—the politicians we have in our once proud little country, are like puppets, controlled by a few ‘newspapers’.

The owners of these papers, are only interested in preserving the wealth of the country, in the hands of a few people.

 These same people, have no interest in the wealth and well being of the rest of us.

Once upon a time, our little group of islands, really was Great Britain, we punched above our weight.

There are moments, of course, not to be proud of what we did, but we gave the world many of the better standards that the rest of the the world take for granted now. 

Now these ‘buccaneers’ are willing to break us apart, for one very good reason.

They are terrified of having to pay their share of the taxes that we ordinary people have no choice but to do.

So scared are they, of having to do this, they are quite happy to forego the very generous subsidies they receive from the EU— just for owning great swathes of land in our country.

It was not always like this, some very wealthy manufacturers, ploughed some of their profits—admittedly from the poor working conditions that were normal at that time—into model towns with wonderful parks and such like, solely for their workers.

In my home town of Chertsey, a wonderful park—St Annes Hill—was given to the people of the town to enjoy.

Can you imagine any, any, employer doing that now?

So, don’t blame the politicians that we have at the moment, they know not what they do.        

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