July 17th, 09:22 Technology.

July 17th09:22 

   My first car was a 1933 Ford Eight, with a six-volt battery, my present car is a Hybrid with a battery that would last a thousand years in my old Ford, so much for technology.

But now, I am now a bus and train user, after 70 years of driving I have switched to the easy life.

When I say easy, I just mean the bit of sitting and being taken here, there and every-where, it’s lovely.

 For the train, I just apply for my ticket with my new mobile, the ticket is easily shown when needed, with just a touch of a button, or so my Grand-daughter told me. 

The panic set in when I was asked to show my ticket, I just pushed the button and lo and behold, nothing happened.

The ticket man had seen it all before and with fingers moving fast that I could not follow them, he produced the ticket. It looked so easy.

I now need to be able to show my return ticket in a few days, so I tried it again………. it’s hiding from me, no matter what I do.

From now I will buy a proper paper ticket.

It was so different when I worked at the Airscrew, in 1946, I caught the train from Chertsey, and bought a little card-board ticket and simply handed it to the porter at Addlestone……… In theory.

I sometimes wonder how British Rail ever made a profit from the workers trains, some of us made our own tickets from a bit of Cornflake packet, and with so many men rushing past, the tickets were rarely looked at.

 Talking of batteries, one of my jobs as a child, was taking our radio accumulator to Mr Hydes electric shop, in Guildford Street, to have it recharged, it was quite big and heavy and only lasted a week.

Another shop, near the station, sold bikes and such like, including carbide, for another sort of battery, this was the carbide bike lamp, the ‘battery’ was charged up by placing carbide granules in the lamp and then adding water, this gave off acetyline gas, which when you lit, gave a very bright light and lasted for an hour or so.

Another wonderful use for this carbide, that Laury Zubiana found out, was, that if you put one granule in Brenda Lambs inkpot, it would bubble up and cause a stink and frighten her and everyone else, good job no one smoked.

 He was a clever boy, that Laury.

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