July 15th, 11:45, Country Cockneys.

July 15th, 11:45. Country Cockneys.

  At Stepgate’s, in the 1940’s, the children who lived in Lyne were bussed into school every day, and we Chertsey kids thought they came from the deepest country, because they had an accent like someone from Wiltshire or some such place.

On the other-hand they thought of us as Cockneys; yet we lived just a couple of miles apart.

Even in Chertsey itself, such was the division between ‘the top of the town’ and other parts, such as the area known as ‘The Apache’s’—mainly council houses— there was a difference in our accents.

So, it is not surprising, that a bomb falling in Pyrcroft Road, was, at the time, not known about, just a couple of miles away.

     On Saturday, at the Black Cherry Fair, my Friend Alex told me about the day he was bombed out, in Fordwater Road, at about the same time as I was.

 We each knew nothing about the other’s bombing out, until last Saturday.

Both our homes had the windows and front doors blown in, but his bungalow had the roof lifted up.

 On the opposite side of the Alex’s road, in Mr Turners field, the bomb had landed in a haystack, which burst into flame, shooting burning straw into the air and setting the tails and manes of his horses alight.

Mr Turner, for some reason, that I can’t quite understand, slept in the pig-sty, I suppose he though it was safer there.

 So, he was able to save his panic-stricken horses, it must have a horrific scene, which Alex actually saw that day.

 Later on in the war, he actually saw the ‘Doodle Bug’ that fell on the house in Addlestone Moor, he was on the Fordwater Road bridge, a few hundred yards away!

    What a difference, If these two events had happened today, Chertsey Chatter would have all this information in every ones inbox in two minutes flat!!

Being connected by groups such as ours, is such an advantage.  

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