July 4th, 14:15, Clothes Makes the Man.

July 4th,14:15, Clothes maketh the man.

  “Clothes Maketh the Man’; Mr Thomas, a teacher at Stepgate’s, was always quoting some old saying, another one he was fond of was, ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’.

Me and most of my mates failed miserably on both counts.

There were some kids who qualified on one or other of these ideals; my mates David and Alex were sent to school smartly dressed with lovely shiny shoes.

The only thing shiny on my clothes was the sleeve of my jersey—we had no such thing as a hanky!! You could tell if a boy was right or left handed by this though.

   I was not alone of course; we council house kids were all in the same boat, we considered it was a bit sissy to be so clean and smart.

  We really must have smelled a bit, but this had some advantages, being so aromatic, we were never asked to be the milk monitor.

  This sort of thing was left to tidy boys like my friend Alex Lees, come to think of it he was the ink monitor as well. If fact, he was the monitor for everything.

 I could have told old Mr Thomas, a saying my Mum often quoted; ‘Handsome is as Handsome does’, this of course did not apply to me and my mates in any way.

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