The story page fourteen.

The story page fourteen.

I am not sure of the date of this story, I have tried to find out on the internet but have not found any mention of this air-raid. I will visit Chertsey museum next month to see if there is any information there. It is only what I remember of that night.

So far, apart from rationing, everything is calm, you would not think we were at war.

That changed one night when a bomb fell in Pyrcroft Road, just across from us.

Four houses were totally destroyed and three people were killed. The front of several houses on our side of the road had the front walls removed as if they were sliced off with a knife.

Our house was about 200 yards away, from the bombed houses, all our windows were broken and the front door blown up the stairs.

When ever the air-raid siren sounded, Mum, Fred and the young ones would sleep under the kitchen table.

On this night I slept under the dresser, as the baby kept crying.

No matter how I try, I can’t recall the actual explosion, it must have been deafening.

What I do remember is jumping up and cutting my head on the dresser.

I see my Mum, she pulls off the old army overcoat that I liked to cover myself with, it was covered with broken glass and plaster from the ceiling, she pulls me under the table with the rest of the family.

The room was so thick with dust you could hardly see the light, although it was switched on.

Our new evacuees, Mrs. O’Keefe and her son Dennis, manage to get down from upstairs, over the front door which was almost at the top, followed by Iris and Chrissy, they were all unhurt.

A few minutes later we are all in the scullery, Mrs. O’Keefe is making a cup of tea, she has seen it all before, they were bombed out in Stepney.

It is very light outside and we all go round to Mrs. Salmons, her house is further away and undamaged.

People are running around to see if they can help, there is a loud bang and sheets of flames from the bombed houses, the firemen have arrived and making everyone move away.

Ambulances arrive, I see lady on a stretcher, she looks soaking wet, then I see it is blood.

The houses are now blazing and even the firemen have to move back.

We are all together but we don’t know what to do.

My poor Mum she cried and cried, it is all too much for her.

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