The story page ten, January 1940.

The story page ten, January 1940.

Mum’s worried about Mrs Edwards, her husband is in the Navy and at sea somewhere. Some of our ships have been sunk by U-boats including the Royal Oak, a very big battleship.

The war is very real now, we have our ration cards but even so, some thing’s are hard to get.

It’s been very cold, but now the snow has almost gone, no more sledging down Ruxbury Hill.

Our gate is perfect for a sledge, all you have to do is knock it all loose with a hammer, and make it into a sledge, then when the snows gone, you just put it all back together.

This year was so cold some people chopped the gates up for fire wood. The council will always put a new one in, it’s a waste of time though, nobody ever goes through their gates, we all cut across the front garden as all the fences are broken, just a gate standing all on it’s own!

As usual Mrs. Salmon is having a cup of tea in our kitchen. Now that rationing is on I keep looking to see if she gets any smaller, but no, she still just about fits our old green chair,

when she tries to get out of it, mum has to help her. I wonder how she manages to get off the lavatory.  I try not to think about it, but the thought keeps coming back.

Talking of lavatories, there is something wrong with ours, you have to pull the chain twice to make it flush, sometimes it never works at all.

Don says, make out you are not going to pull the chain, then do it suddenly, to catch it out, it always works for him, he’s very good at things like that.

Last week we saw a convoy of little tanks, Don said they were Bren-gun carriers, they had about six soldiers in each one, we were all cheering as they clattered by.

In the Picture Palace in Guildford Street, they show the Pathe Gazette news-reel in between the little film and the big one. It’s all about the war, when there are pictures of the enemy tanks going through the towns with the German soldiers on top, every one hisses as loudly as they can, and then we all cheer when we see a Spitfire or Hurricane flying high in the sky. Sometimes the news is better than the films that are shown.

Today is my birthday, we are both in the Saturday Morning Picture Club for children.

I have to go up on the stage for a present, Don tells me to have the football, but I choose a mouth organ, he doesn’t half moan.

Will Hay is my favourite, he always plays a silly Station Master on the railway and everything goes wrong.

The other film was Laurel and Hardy, we are still laughing on the way home, just talking about it.

Don is playing my mouth organ; I wish I had chosen the football now, at least we could both be playing something. My brother is so bossy.










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