Notes about ‘The story’

A note about ‘The story’. !2/03/2019.

The stories of the first five or so years after that day in 1934, are all my sister Iris’s memories.

I had a little idea of what life was like then, but Iris’s story was a shock to me.

That afternoon, I sat and listened to her, she was helped by a bottle of Co-op Sherry, which she managed to empty in just those couple of hours, without any obvious effect on her­—you can’t expect much more for £6.50 a bottle.

Her story was unremittingly sad; I was obviously too young to know anything about it.

My memories of that time, are of a wonderland, I had the happiest of childhoods in Chertsey.

When Iris was telling me of what can only be something like the ‘Blitz Mentality’—long before that phrase was invented—how the people in that little corner of Chertsey gathered round and shared what little they had, plus the ‘Kindness of Strangers’, I decided to write it down, hence my blog, ‘’, and my posts to the brilliant site, ‘Chertsey Chatter’.

Iris would have been so happy that her stories have been so well liked.

Page four, which I will post later, shows the start of these quite poor people, helping one of their kind in trouble.

It makes be proud to be a Chertsey boy.


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