The Story Part Three.

The Story Part Three.


Bernard, bewildered, clutching his sisters hand, as they dodged between the outstretched arms of the growing group of neighbours.

Four children, crashing through the front door into their mother’s arms.

All legs, arms, tears and kisses.

But for them the cruellest truth was yet to unfold.

The school teacher’s, still not able to believe what they had been told. Could not bring them-selves to see these lovely children dissolve in front of them.

There had been an accident, they said.

Rosy Salmon—a natural rock for all around to cling to in the bad times. Stands on the doorstep with the Sergeant by her side, he, looking down at so many anxious faces, for a moment cannot find his words.

“I’m very sorry to tell you all of a terrible accident, our friend Charlie.”

He pauses as he reads the statement in his hand.

“Mr. Charles Luz Weguelin, of 75 Pyrcroft Road, Chertsey, Surrey, died on Woburn Hill, Addlestone, at a quarter-past eight this morning.”

He rocked back on his heels into the doorway.

Mrs. Salmon took the note from his hand and completed the statement.

“Mr. Weguelin died of a massive heart attack, cause unknown, it is thought he must have died immediately.”

A low murmur and then sobbing from the stunned crowd, they always knew it would be thus, but hope is a straw always worth clinging to.

Deidre, twelve years old, heard these words, first by the policeman and then by Mrs. Salmon.

Her father, her lovely father.













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