The mind is the best cure.

The mind is the best cure.


I have always boasted, that I, unlike most of my friends, have never suffered any painful illnesses. All I have had to deal with is the normal ailments that go with being old, such as the odd ache here and there.

Now things are catching up with me, first it was my knee clicking out. An x-ray showed very slight arthritis.

What severe, or even just normal arthritis must be like I can’t begin to imagine— I thought my leg was falling off.

Then, there is my vision, I have only recently needed reading glasses. I have my eyes tested every year, as part of my diabetes regime, and apart from a little spot, which needed no treatment, everything is OK.

For the last few months I have been aware that I am having more trouble than normal with colours—I am slightly colour blind anyway. This meant that my hobby of painting had to take a back-seat, hence this surge of writing—I have to do something.

I do my writing and painting in my own studio—actually my bedroom—which is next to the boy’s room.

One of these age related ailments is being a bit deaf, so when watching TV in my room at night, I have sub-titles on, so as not to disturb the boys.

A few weeks ago I found reading the words on the screen more and more difficult, so I bought some reading glasses, 1.5 were fine at first, now I am on 3.0 and still not very good.

I saw the eye specialist in my local doctor’s surgery, and was told I had cataracts in both eyes, and he put me on the list to have them sorted.

Every-one I spoke to said, that I would be waiting for months or even a year, such is the demand for this problem among us elderly.

A week later I had a letter asking me to attend the Whittington NHS out-patients, to have the operation in four week’s time—which is next Tuesday—I couldn’t believe it, after all the talk of months and months of waiting.

Then a week ago I was talking to Les, my brother in law, and he told me, he had both cataracts removed a year ago, and said what an amazing thing it was.

He then went on to describe in horrifying detail what the operation involved.


I have always thought that there is something in mind-over-matter.


Now I can suddenly see the subtitles as clear as day.







2 thoughts on “The mind is the best cure.”

  1. Dear Alan – no fears necessary. I had both my eyes done – no pain involved. I am, however, more sensitive to light and wear sunglasses at the tiniest glimpse of sun. I like to think it makes me more mysterious!!! Joan



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