Mouth Hygiene 1930’s

Soap Opera. Friday 12thJuly 2018.


Today I was in my local branch of Morrisons and was looking for some tooth-paste, as I walked along the aisles I was bedazzled by both the range, the price and the claims of one particular firm.

I was just wondering if this tooth-paste maker will ever run out of new ways of enticing us to buy their latest wonder product?

This made me think of what I did as a child to keep everything in my mouth in a healthy condition, the answer is not much.

I never cleaned my teeth at all, until my sister Chris gave me some SR toothpaste and a tooth-brush for my 12thbirthday.

Up till then I just rubbed my teeth and rinsed my mouth with salt —salt was used for all manner of cleaning jobs, salt and water were used as a cure-all such as an eye wash or to clean a small wound.

Perhaps that was why I lost a few teeth before I was fourteen.


As is usually the case, this started me off trying to remember what our family did in my early years.

A rather poor start in my oral heath was when my brother Don—just over a year older than me, at about ten— told me that if I chewed a bit of soap, it would keep my teeth clean, he cut a small piece of Sunlight washing soap and said.

“Just chew it for a little while until it foams a bit”.

This I did, but it wouldn’t foam, no matter how hard I chewed, but what it did do was to make feel very sick.



To be fair to Don though, he never told me to swallow.











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