My First Love, homework for Haringey literature live.

My first love.


I had a late start with girlfriends, although I knew a lot of girls, I didn’t seem to be very popular.

On the otherhand my brother Don had no trouble, he was always dating some girl.

I must admit I was an odd looking boy, over six foot tall and only weighing 10 stone, my trousers were 33 inch legs and 28 inch waist— almost the exact opposite now.

I was 21 years old when I first met Ann Batty.,  it was a very brief meeting, she more or less told me to get lost.

A year later I saw her with my friend Alex, at the Saturday night dance at the Airscrew Dance hall, he never had any trouble with girls, he was tall, good looking and very relaxed with the opposite sex. Where as I was just plain awkward and had nothing to say that girls wanted to hear—mostly about cars and motorbikes.

At least I had learned to dance with the help of ‘Kate Walker School of Dancing’.

I tried to catch Ann’s eye as she jived with my mate, and even had a go at an ‘excuse me’ quickstep, I had no chance, he was actually singing to her. —I couldn’t even whistle.

Finally I pushed Alex aside and asked Ann for the last waltz, he wasn’t too happy as he had been with her all night, buying her rum and blackcurrent—a very popular drink at the time, I have no idea why, it was horrible.

Ann was lovely; she had a great figure, not unlike Sophie Loren, my favourite actress.

While we were dancing and out of earshot of Alex, I asked her for a date the next day, to my amazement she said yes, I said I would meet her at the Dukes Head in Addlestone, about 2 o’clock, and we could go to the Regal Cinema in Walton.

I waited at the bus stop from about 1:30, the bus from New Haw, were she lived, came at 2:pm but there was no Ann.

I had hardly expected her to turn up, I had been let down a few times before, I hung about for while and then waited for a ‘bus back to Chertsey.

As I crossed the road , there was Ann, she had left her ‘bus a stop too early and was walking towards the Dukes Head.

At this moment, I had two emotions, one was delight that she had turned up and the other was, how was I going to tell her I had no money and would she mind very much going for a walk.

She laughed and said she had no money either, so we had a nice long walk, back to her home in New Haw—I know how to show a girl a good time.

She often said that she should have left me standing there that day, as we never had any money for pictures or anything.

This went on for 4 years, (mainly walking).

We married in 1958, Alex was our best man.


She once joked that she married me because my name Weguelin was better than her name Batty.





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