My Grandparents.

Like most families, ours was quite a mix.

The Weguelin family originated from Germany.

The earliest member that I have found—with a lot of help from Kitty Weguelin, now sadly passed away— Was Michael Wegelin, born 1512 in Germany the name changed to Weguelin a long time ago.

I will start with a couple of generations ago, with Grand fathers.

My mother’s parents were named Turner, we lived with them after our house was bombed out early in the war, and they were very strict and proper, every thing had to be just so—quite a change from our home in Chertsey.

Harry Turner was a sports trainer at various local schools.

They had a big family; the boys were all good sportsmen, playing football at quite a high level at Walton and Weybridge football club.

Ronald Turner, specialized in athletics, mainly track walking.

He even carried the Olympic Torch through Chertsey in the 1948 Olympics, we were all so proud to see his picture in the ‘Surrey Herald’, our local newspaper.

He was a very popular man in Chertsey and a great supporter of Chertsey Town Football Club.


My father’s parents were completely the opposite.

George Conrad, had a very nice upbringing, with quite wealthy parents, he didn’t need to work until well into his 40’s.

This life style was abruptly cut short when he was disinherited and had to seek work to support his family.

Or I should say his two families; our George was a bit of a boy to say the least.

He was legally married to my Grandmother and had 4 children.


He was also the father of another 4 children with his paramour, Septima, who lived in the next village, Chobham about two miles away.

When his father, a military man and quite religious found all this out he cut him off.

Poor old George, he was a very clever man and he was an excellent model maker— when he had the time that is—he had several patents granted for model boat cleats and such like.

Unfortunately, he was not able to defend these because of his sudden change of circumstances.

One of these cleats is still a standard part of model sailing boats.




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