Made In Chertsey.

I am updating this blog, many posts have been edited several times. It will soon be written as Chapters, 1 and 2 etc.

I’m eighty seven, and this is my life blog/Memoir, I was born in nineteen thirty two, in Chertsey, Surrey.

I need to set down the important—and not so important— moments in my life so that I have something to pass on to my family.

My parents were Charles, and Ethel. They were married in 1920.

I was born in 1932 and was the youngest of six children, 3 boys, Bernard, b 1924,Don, b 1930, and myself, b 1932, and 3 girls, Deidre, b 1921, Iris, b 1922 and Christine, b 1927.

I am the last one of this family living,

I have 2 sons, Iain and James, 3 grand daughters and 2 grandsons.

My father died on his way to work in Weybridge, he was 34, he had been ill with ‘flu and because there was no sick pay, he probably returned to work too early.  After cycling up Woburn Hill,  he fell from his bike, and died before a doctor could be called. The cause of death was influenza myocarditis.

My mother was 34, with 6 children to bring up on her own, there was no welfare state in 1934, my mother relied on her friends and neighbours to manage.

In 1937 my mother met Fred Barker, he moved in and took responsibility for our family, he must have been quite a man to take on six kids. I was young enough to think of him as my dad, although we all called him Fred. Mum and Fred had two children, David and Sylvia.

I am using this blog, so that this story is passed on, the stories are mostly unedited and as I remember them— with just a little imagination.

5 thoughts on “Made In Chertsey.”

  1. Hi Alan John & I have found this and can’t wait to read it. Good for you to do this the family will find it invaluable. How are you keeping we talk of you often feeling so thankful for the wonderful times we spent together even though few & far between. Have a wonderful birthday and please please keep in touch. Maureen & I were just today talking of you asking each other if we had heard from you and then lo & behold I found this. So Alan lots of love big hugs & take care of yourself. Aenone


    1. Hello John and Aenone, Lovely to hear from you, I hope all is well in Canada and not troubled too much by that terrible freeze In the US. I joined a writing group here and was advised to store my stories on a blog. I intend to make a sort of scrap book for my family. The stories are all mixed up and re-edited as I remember a bit more detail. You may recognise some of the names and stories, as they are mainly true. The last few stories are very sad, I am trying to put down what my sister Iris told me about the loss of my father, I was two, so never really knew about it. I’m so glad Maureen is well, and sad that Mary lost Mac, give my love them both. Lots of love to both of you. Happy reading!!!! XXX


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